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About the program

Gout refers to diseases that cannot pass on their own. It progresses rapidly and leads to serious complications.

Timely diagnosis and systematic treatment can prevent disease progression and the development of dangerous complications. The purpose of gout treatment is not only to quickly eliminate the acute attack, but also to prevent the development of chronic gout, tofu, kidney damage, which leads to disability. The solution of this problem is possible only with regular comprehensive treatment, which will promote the reversal of the manifestations of gout (resorption of tofu, restoration of joint function).

  • Elimination of pain in the acute stages of the disease
  • Decreased activity of inflammatory processes
  • Зниження концентрації сечової кислоти та виведення її з організму
  • Prevention of recurrence of gout attacks
  • Prevention of deformation and destruction of joints
  • Normalization of metabolism, lymph flow and carbohydrate metabolism prevention or elimination of factors associated with gout and exacerbate its course (obesity, metabolic syndrome, hypertension, heart failure, chronic renal failure, hypertriglyceridemia

Gout. Prevention and treatment of complications

(recommended period of the program - up to 15 days)

Procedure Number Price total
Консультація ендокринолога 1
Озонотерапия 7
Carboxytherapy 5
Hi-top therapy 7
Фокусно-ударно хвильова терапія 5
Laser therapy 7
Hirudotherapy (1 leech) 10
Ванна з підводним масажем 5
Ozokeritotherapy 10
19350 грн