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About the program

Pulmonary fibrosis is one of the most common problems after Covid-19.

The inflammatory process in the lungs almost immediately turns into more or less severe pneumofibrosis, so the question is not how quickly fibrosis develops, but how long it lasts and what functional changes it leads to.

  • improving the drainage function of the respiratory system
  • Mucolytic effect, relief of expectoration
  • interstitial drainage and increased activity of pulmonary lymph
  • relaxation of respiratory muscles
  • increase in tidal volume

Pulmonary fibrosis: elimination of complications after Covid-19

(recommended period of the program - up to 15 days)

Procedure Number Price total
Hivamatt 5 400
Therapeutic massage 5 300
Functional magnetic stimulation (TESLA) 5 1000
Great autohemotherapy 5 1500
Hirudotherapy (1 leech) 10 100
Hi-top therapy 10 200
Exercise therapy