Program "Vacation for the gastrointestinal tract." Happy New Year!

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Restoration of the digestive system

The program includes a personal diet from a specialist in preventive medicine, nutritionist

Constant drowsiness, overweight, discomfort and heaviness in the stomach and intestines - not a complete list of troubles caused by irregular sleep, overeating and alcohol consumption during the New Year and Christmas.

So, a few days after the fun, the average person will think about how you can help the stomach, liver and other digestive organs, after the big holidays. Smart - will work!

The program will be a great start to restore normal body function, lose weight, get rid of edema and excess fluid retention.

Program "Vacation for the gastrointestinal tract: combination of the latest methods of recovery and purification of the body with the help of physiotherapy, ozone therapy + and a special diet plan from highly qualified doctors - here's what will be the salvation for your body.

"Vacation for the gastrointestinal tract." Happy New Year!


  • normalization of the gastrointestinal tract
  • stabilization of the diet for long-term effect
  • weight loss
  • weight loss
  • improving the condition of the skin
  • removal of toxins and toxins from the body
  • the effect of figure correction with the help of the latest techniques of physiotherapy
Effective. Light. Economically

An integrated approach

Functional examination using Inbody bioimpedancemetry

A unique smart solution for assessing your health! Just 50 seconds and more than 40 indicators to analyze the composition of your body

Personal diet

Based on the results, additional laboratory and ultrasound examinations, our specialists will select a personal nutrition plan, taking into account all your impressions, harmful products, rhythm of life and preferences. You can cook at home according to simple recipes, from absolutely affordable products that can be purchased at any store.
And even if you are always busy with business, children or just do not like to cook, we are happy to organize the preparation and delivery of your diet home or office!

Innovative hardware physiotherapy

Powerful equipment capabilities will enhance the effect of weight loss, will replace your visit to the gym,
(1 session FMS Tesla = 5 sessions in the gym), cavitation will replace liposuction, bath will keep the body in shape, create a lifting effect, lymphatic drainage with anti-cellulite serum will remove excess fluid and toxins and accelerate weight loss

Use of ozone therapy

"Vitamin cocktail" containing ozone will help the body stay in shape, cleanse blood vessels, stimulate metabolism, increase immunity and stress resistance

Anti-aging prevention

Organic detoxification, purification and excretion of endo and exotoxins (which accumulate in the body as a result of violations of the daily routine, diet and eating behavior). Restoration of the proper functioning of the digestive system, the effect of cell vitality, the start of all metabolic processes, prevention of aging.

Visceral massage is a special technique of manual therapy.

It is based on manual action on the abdominal cavity and individual internal organs.

Normalizes intestinal motility and metabolism.
Accelerates blood circulation. Along with the blood, nutrients and oxygen enter the cells. As a result, it accelerates cell growth and tissue repair.
Improves the work of internal organs. And this is the key to good health, vitality, health of skin, nails and hair.


When ordering the program, you receive an individual diet for FREE and accompanied by a doctor throughout the program

Procedure Number Price total
Consultation of a nutritionist-nutritionist 1 450
Personal diet during the program bonus
Accompanied by a doctor during the program bonus
Bioimpension analysis of body composition using InBody with interpretation of the result 1 300
Hivamatt 5 400
Visceral massage 5 500
Magnetic therapy with bischofite 5 200
Magnetic-quantum-infrared laser therapy 5 200
High-tone HiToP therapy 7 200
Bath with underwater massage 4 500
11 350 грн.

"Vacation for the gastrointestinal tract." Happy New Year!