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About the program

Cellulite - is the result of changes in the structure of subcutaneous fat, which provokes disruption of lymph outflow and blood microcirculation. Most often it is located on the thighs of the lower extremities, buttocks, abdomen. Cellulite is not considered a disease, but it is not necessary to start the processes of its growth.

In the initial stages, cellulite does not cause any discomfort, but if you do not do a comprehensive correction, the aesthetic problem will grow into a full-fledged health problem.

Additionally, you can consult a nutritionist, diagnose InBody and prescribe clinical tests. The program is developed for each client individually, taking into account the state of health and goals.

Painless and without surgery

The purpose of the program

  • Remove the effect of "orange peel" on the legs and thighs
  • Adjust the silhouette of the thighs, waist and chest
  • Level the terrain after intense training
  • Tighten flabby or sagging skin after intense weight loss
  • Remove stretch marks, relieve swelling and heaviness
  • Reduce body volume
  • Smooth and increase skin turgor

The latest methods of non-contact exposure to strong magnetic fields - FMS Tesla Former

Intensive treatments improve blood circulation and lymph flow, which activates metabolic processes

Excess fluid is excreted, water-salt metabolism is normalized

Exposure to problem areas stimulates tissue regeneration

Intensive production of lipase - an enzyme for breaking down fats - reduces fat deposits

The complex impact of procedures slows down age-related changes

"Aesthetic body"

"Aesthetic body"

Procedure Number Price total
Консультація лікаря дієтолога - нутриціолога 1
Біоімпедансний аналіз складу тіла за допомогою аналізатора InBody 1
Пресотерапія +лімфодренаж з використання антицелюлітної сироватки 5
Вакуумно- роликовий масаж проблемних ділянок 5
Газові ін’єкції на проблемні зони 5
Ручний антицелюлітний масаж 5
Функціональна магнітна стимуляція Tesla Former 5
16 200 грн.