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Chronic diseases of the urinary system

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Recommended procedures

Ultrasound therapy
  • Zimmer Soleo Sono (Germany, 2020)
Functional magnetic stimulation on the TESLA treatment platform
  • Iskra Medical TESLA Former prestige (Slovenia, 2020)
High-tone HiToP therapy for urological pathologies
  • Myostimulator of new generation HiToP 1touch (Germany, 2021)
Ozone therapy (large autohemotherapy, ozonated saline solution, Subcutaneous injections with ozone)
  • HYPER-MEDOZON COMFORT (Germany, 2020)
Therapeutic bath + pearl massage + aromatherapy
  • Anatomical vortex baths for full body massage Medexim Aquadelicia (Slovakia, 2020)
Hirudotherapy (1 leech)


захворювання нирок та сечовивідної системи
хронічний пієлонефрит
сечокам’яна хвороба
хронічний цистит
нетримання сечі
аденома простати
андексит (гостре або хронічне запальне захворювання придатків матки)
грибкові ураження
хронічний геморой
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В Центрі фізіотерапії ви зможете суттєво відновити своє здоров’я та самопочуття. Ми пропонуємо послуги кваліфікованих лікарів з великим досвідом та комфортні умови надання послуг. Використовуємо сучасне обладнання, що забезпечує високу точність результатів досліджень.

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In our medical center you can be treated for chronic kidney disease
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Other areas


Rehabilitation after COVID

The rehabilitation program after COVID-19 is aimed at treating the consequences of coronavirus disease. Most patients face a number of long-term complications after recovery. The most common complications are from the respiratory system. Complications in the digestive, cardiovascular, urinary and genital systems are also possible. Problems in the nervous system and deterioration of the psycho-emotional state are revealed. There is an exacerbation of chronic diseases and conditions. The Physiotherapy Center offers a set of procedures aimed at eliminating the long-term consequences of the disease. The rehabilitation program will help you to restore a healthy state of the body and minimize the impact of the virus on your health.

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Diseases of the musculoskeletal system

Rehabilitation of the musculoskeletal system is aimed at restorative treatment of diseases, secondary prevention of diseases of the joints and spine, recovery from injury, increase in functional reserves, compensation for impaired functions and recovery.

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Restoration and improvement of the quality of sexual life

In men, the problem of erectile dysfunction causes a lot of complexes and worries. But modern medicine is able to restore your manhood. Medicine impresses with its discoveries and to replace the pills and surgery come completely new, effective, painless, comfortable and hardware methods of treatment with long-lasting results

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Normalization of metabolism. Emaciation

Exclusively for the most demanding and demanding, those who strive for perfection in everything, the medical center offers a comprehensive program "Weight Loss" designed for those who want to get results in a short time, focusing on restoring perfect health, improving vitality and achieving ideal balance

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Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract

When various pathologies of the gastrointestinal tract occur, all systems often suffer that cannot fully perform the vital processes entrusted to them. Using innovative research and diagnostic methods, the Center's specialists will conduct the necessary volume of examinations in your case and prescribe an individual course of treatment.

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