Preventive medicine: stay ahead of that control!

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Personalized approach to each patient
Predictive approach, or predicting the development of the disease
Preventive approach, the purpose of which is to prevent the development of diseases
Patient-treated patient, not test results
A positive approach is the key to successful treatment and prevention of disease
Warn and control!

Preventive medicine allows:

Safely restore and effectively maintain human health with the help of available medical technologies
Adjust the condition of the body, and continue to maintain it at a level typical of healthy young people
Prevent the risk of severe disease by detecting them in the early stages
Maintain vital activity for a long time, thanks to lifestyle modifications
Have a high level of energy and efficiency, thanks to a balanced diet
Feel and look much younger than your passport age, after identifying and eliminating existing pathological changes and diseases
Improve psycho-emotional state
Recover properly after stress
Improve physical shape and appearance
Maintain a high level of sexual activity
Active prevention and treatment of diseases associated with aging
To restore the body with the help of highly effective new methods
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Means used in preventive medicine

Actions aimed at prevention include immunization against diseases, adherence to a healthy diet, exercise regime, avoidance of smoking and alcohol consumption. Methods of detecting and overcoming the existing disease before the onset of symptoms are also used.

Thanks to cancer screening efforts, deaths from breast cancer in women have been significantly reduced, and deaths from colorectal cancer have decreased in both women and men. Lung cancer, which often results from active and passive smoking, can also be overcome by returning to a healthy lifestyle.

Much progress has been made in preventing and overcoming severe forms of diabetes and its complications, as diabetes continues to be a major cause of renal failure, lower limb amputation and blindness.

Людське співтовариство постійно розвивається, особливо бурхливо останні десятиліття. Наше життя, наповнене різноманітними подіями, стало більш комфортабельним, смачнішим і набагато швидшим. Зміни навколо нас, непомітно для нас самих, сильно змінили наші звички.

Відомо, що сьогодні люди у всьому світі живуть довше, але, незважаючи на досягнення сучасної медицини, захворюваність на хронічні, аутоімунні захворювання не зменшується, спостерігається збільшення безпліддя, онкологічних та психічних захворювань.

Доведено, що це результат нашого комфортабельного життя, тому було б розумно більшу увагу приділити способу життя.