Joints. Instructions for use

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The human body is a unique structure where each organ or system has amazing capabilities that surprise and sometimes even shock.
One such amazing mechanism is the joints. They can rightly be called a real miracle of natural technology. After all, sometimes they have to withstand a load of several hundred kilograms
But as unique as this system is, it is just as fragile. Today, according to scientific sources, joint diseases are one of the most common among other pathologies.
Pain in the knee joint when bending or walking - a fairly common phenomenon. If they are not related to the injury, then their cause can be a variety of diseases. What diseases can cause knee pain?
He is osteoarthritis, deforming osteoarthritis. This is the most common joint disease. Its essence is that the cartilaginous tissues are slowly destroyed and the joint is affected.
This pathology is characterized by a decrease in bone density. The pain spreads to all joints, it intensifies with tension, long stay in an awkward position.
Flat feet
Signs of flat feet are also a change in the shape of the foot (it becomes wide and flat), the toes may curve, a bone appears on the big toe. Legs are tired, swollen, sore. Posture is disturbed, gait becomes heavy, shoes wear out from the inside.
Bursitis of the knee joint
The bursa is the synovial sac, the cavity surrounding the joint. When it is inflamed, fluid accumulates in it, the knee swells, reddens, becomes hot to the touch and then begins to hurt, especially under load. Joint stiffness occurs.
Knee tendinitis
This is an inflammatory process that develops in the patellar ligament. People over 40 suffer from this disease, and also those at whom owing to a profession knees are exposed to a constant big loading (loaders, volleyball players, basketball players).
Koenig's disease
This disease, also called dissecting osteochondritis, is the separation of part of the cartilage from the bone and its displacement into the joint cavity.
Rheumatoid arthritis
Autoimmune disease characterized by the development of inflammation of the connective intra-articular tissue of various joints. If the knees are affected, there is pain, restricted movement (night and morning), weakness, loss of appetite and weight loss, fever.
This is the name of the inflammation of the walls of the veins. If the inflammation affects the blood vessels near the knee, it causes pain, redness and swelling.
If the knees hurt, there is stiffness in the joints, movements become limited, you do not need to self-medicate. All means that relieve pain will only temporarily alleviate the condition, but will not solve the problem.
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