Rehabilitation after the coronavirus is necessary for everyone!

6.13.2021 0

People with coronavirus do not leave hospitals completely healthy In practice, there were cases when young, previously healthy people recovered after COVID-19 for four weeks. The consequences of this virus can be very different - from sleep disorders and depression to stroke and pulmonary fibrosis. At the same time, we do not yet know the distant manifestations that can occur in a year, five or ten years. Recovery needs to start as early as possible.
What is "postcoid syndrome" and how to deal with it?
Getting sick and recovering is not the whole story of recovery. Coronavirus problems do not always end once the PCR test is negative.
Studies by British scientists determine that up to 80% people cannot get rid of the symptoms of COVID-19 within 3-4 months.
The consequences of coronavirus infection can be more dangerous than the disease itself. The virus finds vulnerabilities in the immune system and strikes directly at the target.
Most often among the consequences of the coronavirus note:
-inflammation of the heart muscle;
- respiratory dysfunction;
-kidney damage
-pain in the chest, muscles and joints
-sleep problems;
-depression, anxiety, mood swings.
-breathing ⠀
-difficulties with concentration ("fog in the head"); ⠀
-headache, intermittent fever
-accelerated heartbeat. ⠀
Kyivska Rus-Kyiv Physiotherapy Center offers a full range of rehabilitation services for patients with coronavirus pneumonia: modern BTL microwave therapy equipment, Hivamat therapy-method of vibration massage, ozone therapy to restore immunity, high-tone HiToP-therapy.
Timely treatment will allow you to quickly and to the maximum extent to return to normal life!