Novelties in physiotherapy. HiTop therapy. Cell rejuvenation!

6.22.2021 0

HiTop Is a device for high-pitched therapy. It is very effective for relieving pain. Many patients may feel relief after two or three sessions. The therapeutic effect is achieved when you start a cascade of intracellular biochemical and biophysical reactions.
The main advantage of high-tone therapy is that it is the most effective method of treating pain, including chronic. This is a more effective method than traditional medications.

The technology has proven itself in the complex treatment of the following pathologies:
• arthrosis
• syndromes of the lumbar, cervical, thoracic spine
• bursitis of the elbow joint, pain after injuries and operations, treatment of edema
• diabetic polyneuropathy
• depression
• epicondylitis
• tinnitus
• chondromalacia and chondropathy of the patella
• chronic venous
• chronic adnexitis
• Reinauld's syndrome
• states of fear, vascular headaches, phobias
• stress urinary incontinence radiculitis
• syndromes of restless legs and patella
• prepatellar bursitepsoriasis
• scapular syndrome
• migraine
• dysmenorrhea
• bronchial asthma
• ankylosing spondylitis

HiToP therapy has proven itself well in the restoration of vital energy, relaxation, stimulation and training of muscles, rehabilitation. The combined combination of HiToP, Tekar, shock wave and pressure therapy, lazotherapy and physiotherapy clinic "Kyivska Rus" allows you to effectively treat the above diseases and pathologies, based on international treatment standards