The benefits of orthopedic insoles, or how to forget about flat feet, back pain and leg fatigue

6.13.2021 0

Systematic use of orthopedic insoles will provide comfort of movement.
Computer plantography is a modern, accurate method of diagnosis that allows you to prove or disprove pathological changes in the foot, to determine the presence of flat feet in humans.
In our center you will receive the complex approach to your problem:
-Consultation of an orthopedist-traumatologist
-Diagnosis of the foot
- Production of individual orthopedic insoles
Just 30 minutes of your time to take care of your health! Prevention is always better than cure!
The clinic uses innovative equipment for computer plantography, which allows for quality diagnosis and production of individual orthopedic insoles within 15 minutes.
More than half of the world's population suffers from flat feet, and only a third of these people are concerned about foot health. Changes in the arches of the foot cause problems with the spine, joints and blood vessels. There are pains in the neck and back. In addition, the feet spoil the constant calluses and calluses, disturbed ingrown toenails and heel spurs. In the evening there is a feeling of fatigue. Orthopedic insoles keep the arch of the foot in the correct position, prevent the development of diseases of the musculoskeletal system, and eliminate many inconveniences.
Why the right foot shape is important for health
Healthy feet take on the load when moving and protect the spine, joints and brain.
The arches of the foot solve the problem of depreciation. When walking, jumping and running, the load from the collision of the foot and the surface is distributed so that the foot can absorb most of the shock wave and soften the force of the impact for the body with each step.
An improperly developed foot can no longer dampen the load. This leads to the fact that the shock wave when moving is distributed to the ankle, knee and hip joints, and then - to the spine. Due to this increased load there is a risk of pain, rapid fatigue, diseases of the joints and spine, problems with normal blood circulation.
Orthopedic insoles help maintain the health of the foot and body of people who are constantly experiencing increased stress, because:
♦ walk or stand for more than four hours during the day;
♦ suffer from excess weight;
♦ suffer from diabetes: due to reduced sensitivity and thin skin of the foot there is a risk of acute and chronic ulcers;
♦ suffered a leg injury;
♦ go in for sports;
♦ wear narrow or too wide shoes and high-heeled shoes;
♦ expecting a baby: during pregnancy, the expectant mother's hormonal background changes, connective tissue elasticity increases, and ligaments are easily stretched, expectant mothers will be able to reduce fatigue after walking with the constant use of orthopedic insoles.